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Circus Group

Our Circus Group has been developed, and is facilitated by a paediatric Physiotherapist with a love of aerial arts. She has put her passion for fun and engaging movement into developing an amazing program aimed to enhance gross motor skills in a supportive, social environment for school-aged children.

Ideal for kids who love to move! Using circus-themed activities, this program is aimed to support all areas of gross motor development including:

  • Balance and core stability

  • Coordination

  • Muscle strength and endurance


Activities will include walking on a balance beam, climbing, trampolining, throwing and catching, and rolling. Children will be encouraged to work as a team with their peers and practise social skills such as turn taking, as well as attention to task and using movement as a tool to support emotional regulation.


Join us for a action-packed science exploration and register your interest via the Sign Up button below. 

Hands on a Dancing Pole
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