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Bike Riding Skills Group

Bike Riding is not only a fun outdoor activity to do as a family, it also has so many physical benefits. Balance, coordination, muscle strength as well as body and safety awareness are just some of the benefits of riding a bike. Despite this, riding a bike can be quite challenging. 
Our Bike Riding program will run over a 4 day period during the Easter Holidays. The program will be conducted in a group setting with 1:1 support from a therapist. This program is suitable for children with a variety of skills and abilities, with potential outcomes including: 

  • Learning to ride a balance bike 

  • Transitioning from training wheels to two wheels 

  • Learning to steer while navigating obstacles and various terrain

  • Starting and stopping

  • Road safety 

  • General endurance in bike riding e.g. increasing riding distance 

The program will run from Monday the 8th of April to Thursday the 11th of April at 10:00 - 11:00am in Torquay near Wurdi Baierr Stadium. Exact location to be confirmed.

Please note: To participate in this program your child will require a correctly fitted bike and helmet. It is also preferred that an adult participates with the child so skills taught can be transferred to the home environment, however if this isn't possible we can provide a staff member to support your child at an additional cost.


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Learning to Ride a Bike
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