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Kid Eating Snack


Our team of dietitians are here to assess your child's growth, medical and feeding history, dietary intake and may observe your child during a mealtime session. Based on this information, the dietitian will work with you to develop goals and strategies for supporting your child's nutrition and eating behaviour.


Dietitians at Flying Start Children’s Therapy are passionate about supporting children and their families to achieve their nutrition goals.  Some areas they may be able to support you with include:


  • Infant & child nutrition

  • Food allergy & intolerance

  • ASD and picky eating

  • Growth concerns

  • Group SOS to feeding programs

  • Managing loss of appetite and faltering growth commonly associated with ADHD medication

  • Gastrointestinal conditions

  • Limited diets including oral aversion

  • Enteral tube feeding & weaning

  • Meal plans

  • Healthy Eating

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Weight Management

  • Feeding Therapy for those children who experience difficulty accepting new foods and restricted dietary range


At Flying Start Children’s Therapy, we seek to reduce anxiety around eating by working with children and families through our dietetics program.

In addition to dietary considerations associated with Autism, we are able to provide a full range of dietetics services including fussy eating, family-based strategies to promote healthy eating, We also offer group ‘Feeding Therapy’ for those children with difficulty accepting new foods and restricted dietary range. To register your interest for our group ‘Fun with Food’ Program, please refer to the groups and programs tab on the website.

We seek to support children and their families to achieve their nutrition goals by providing evidence based, practical and patient centred advice. We are able to provide face to face and telehealth appointments.

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