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What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is to children what counselling is to adults. Play therapy utilises PLAY, children's natural activity and expression, as its base for children to communicate, develop, heal and grow. Adults can have difficulty putting their experiences into words to ‘talk things out’ and this is even more difficult for children.  So instead, in Play Therapy, the Play Therapist provides the space and tools (toys) to ‘play things out’.  Children can freely express themselves, and work through challenges, leading to therapeutic changes.


In the 'play space' are carefully selected toys and materials that support a range of expressive, imaginative, creative and realistic play on themes such as role play, nurturing play, sensory play, aggression play, fantasy play and skill building. While the child plays, the therapist joins them and listens deeply and skillfully.

This Child Directed Play Therapy approach is delivered/provided by Liz Laidlaw, Occupational Therapist.  

Who Can It Help?

Play Therapy is appropriate for children aged 2.5 - 12 years old. 

It can support children and families with a range of difficulties including social, emotional or behavioural, Autism, ADHD, anxiety, self-esteem, depression, learning difficulties, developmental delays, grief and significant changes. 


Play Therapy can help children:

  • increase self-esteem, self-responsibility, independence and confidence as they have the opportunity to experiment and master new skills. This can lead to and enhance engagement and progress with other therapy supports for your child.

  • develop their capacity for self-expression and emotional and sensory regulation

  • learn to identify, work through and manage expression of big emotions and impulse control in a safe way

  • develop problem solving skills

  • improve and strengthen relationships with peers, siblings and parents/carers

  • develop a positive realistic mind-set and view of others and self


To been supported by a Play Therapist, please join the waitlist below:

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