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Diverse Kindergarten


Learn to Play Therapy is a directive approach that improves a child's pretend play ability. It helps with: social skills, playing with others, understanding emotions, increase in language, different thinking strategies, being happy to play.

Examples of other indicators of children who would benefit from Learn to Play Therapy are children who:


  •  Are not socially aware of others            

  •  Destroy the play scenes of siblings or peers            

  •  Want to socially interact with others but do not know how to do this            

  •  Do not understand a story            

  •  Find it difficult to think of a story and what will happen next in a story            

  •  Have delayed expressive and receptive language            

  •  Have poor narrative language            

  •  Are highly anxious in social situations   


This therapy approach empowers children to thrive in their pretend play whilst fostering their holistic development.

To been seen by one of our therapeutic play practitioners please sign up below:

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