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Flying Start Speech Therapists are trained to assess and treat individuals who have communication difficulties or delays. Therapists are trained in all aspects of communication, including speech, language, social skills, literacy, voice, fluency and alternative means of communication. In some cases, Speech Therapists provide assistance and therapy to those experiencing difficulties swallowing food or drink and in fussy and picky eating.The Speech Pathologists at Flying Start Therapy can assist you with anything related to developing your child's language communication and feeding skills.


This may include:


  • Building your child’s understanding of language

  • Assisting your child in developing skills to use language and join words together to make sentences

  • Promoting language development

  • Early learning difficulties

  • Developmental delays

  • Building Pragmatic and social communication skills

  • Developing your child’s ability to play with others 

  • Implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems such as pictures, sign language and electronic devices

  • Disability and complex needs

  • Feeding ’fussy’ eating

  • Developing your child’s use of the correct speech sounds

  • Stuttering

  • Phonological awareness and early literacy (reading)

  • Preparing for school entry


Flying Start Children’s Therapy tailor their Speech Pathology service to meet your family's individual needs, offering clinic-based appointments, home visits, visits to your child's educational setting, and intensive school holiday therapy blocks. 


We now have availability to provide some speech pathology services with a reduced wait time through our telehealth service.


If you would like to work with one of our highly experienced speech pathologists available for telehealth consults please provide your details using the link below.

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