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Flying Start Children's Therapy

Celeste is an accredited dietitian who has a commitment to promoting health and preventing chronic diseases within the paediatric and adult population. Driven by a desire to nurture healthy habits from a young age, Celeste is passionate about supporting children to become competent eaters.

Celeste graduated from LaTrobe University with a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Dietetic Practice, where she was able to develop skills and knowledge across a scope of differing areas of dietetics. Her academic journey has equipped her with a deep understanding of the unique dietary needs and challenges faced by children, and she brings this expertise to the forefront of her practice.

Recognizing the diverse dietary preferences and challenges that children may face, Celeste incorporates innovative approaches into her practice. She explores creative ways to improve variety within diets, making nutrition an enjoyable and sustainable aspect of a child's daily life.

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