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Aqua Buddies

A unique swimming program where adventure meets learning, designed and facilitated by expert AustSwim qualified Occupational Therapists. In this immersive experience, both child and parent plunge into the world of water together, creating an environment that's not just about learning to swim, but about supporting trust, confidence and building social connections.

Our program is tailored to support development of essential swimming and water safety skills. Under the guidance of skilled Occupational Therapists, each session is structured to enhance your child's motor skills, coordination, and sensory integration in the pool.

As parents, you're not just spectators but active participants in this aquatic journey. This unique approach fosters a deeper connection between you and your child, as you both navigate the activities and challenges while learning together. Our therapists provide personalised support, ensuring that each child enjoys a safe, comfortable, and fun experience!


Register your interest for more information about Aqua Buddies via the 'sign up' button below. 

​Please refer to our social channels Instagram and Facebook for the latest group scheduling times.

Swimming Lessons
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