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Body Clue Detectives

Interoception is the 8th, lesser-known sense of our sensory system that allows us to notice our internal body signals, and experience many body sensations such as a growling stomach, dry mouth, tense muscles, or racing heart. Children who struggle with interoceptive sense, may have trouble knowing when they feel hungry, full, hot, cold, or thirsty. Without interoceptive awareness, it can make identifying and interpreting emotions and overall emotional regulation highly challenging.


Flying Start Children’s Therapy will be facilitating the Body Clue Detectives Group to support children to build interoceptive awareness of internal body signals and expressive language to support communication of thoughts and feelings. They will be learning to understand and recognise how and why their body is feeling dysregulated, and when to use appropriate interoceptive tools to manage these experiences.


This group will be facilitated by Occupational Therapists, and will draw on the current evidence-based interoception curriculum by Kelly Mahler. 

Please refer to our social channels Instagram and Facebook for the latest group scheduling times.

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