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Kids in Motion

Our Paediatric Physiotherapist has created the most amazing group based around movement, balance, coordination, with a touch of circus fun!


Kids in Motion is a group program facilitated by an Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist, and is ideal for children who love to move! This fun group is designed to support gross motor skill development in a fun, social environment.


Using circus themed activities, this program will support all areas of gross motor development including:

  • Balance and core stability

  • Coordination

  • Muscle strength and endurance


Over the program duration, participants will enjoy activities including but not limited to, walking on a balance beam, climbing, jumping, throwing and catching (juggling), and rolling. Children will be encouraged to work as a team with their peers and practice social skills such as turn taking, as well as attention to task and using movement as a tool to support emotional regulation.


Kids in Motion will be held at the Wurdi Baierr basketball stadium in Torquay.

Please refer to our social channels Instagram and Facebook for the latest group scheduling times.


To register your interest, please sign up below.

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