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Ready, Set, School!

Flying Start Children’s Therapy offers intensive school readiness programs every January.  Ready, Set School is a program designed to support children with the transition from home, childcare and kindergarten to formal schooling.  The sessions can also help to ease anxiety about expectations and transition to schooling. They provide opportunities to practice social, behavioural and emotional regulation skills that can support learning behaviours needed at school.


School readiness is a measure of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable children to participate in school.  This “readiness” is often mistaken as being able to read, write and do basic mathematics.  However, research shows that every child needs a strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and communications skills in order to have the ability to take in academic information that they will receive in school.  Quite simply, children cannot thrive at school if they haven’t yet developed the skills to manage things like getting along with other children, emotional regulation, following instructions, communicating their needs and being able to wait and take turns.  Success in school, as in many aspects of life, is about relationships, as well as what is known and the skills one has.   


Our Ready, set school Program is specifically designed to support children with the readiness and social and emotional skills they require to transition into Primary School.  The Program is designed and facilitated by experienced Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.   Through fun, interactive activities, children are supported to be more independent and confident in their learning, emotional and social regulation and self-care.  The program acknowledges that every child is unique and develops at their own pace with their own strengths, interest, temperament and approach to learning.  


Structure of the program:

The program will include an initial assessment/parent interview,  4 x 3 hour sessions in January, a parent information, and a personalised report for your child and recommendations to support them moving forward into their formal education.

Our 2025 Ready, Set, School program will run over four days on the 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of January. The initial assessment will be scheduled in accordance with the family's availability beforehand.


The group is facilitated by a qualified teacher and targets the following areas:

  • Development of classroom routines and expectations – E.g. hand up to talk, listening during whole class instruction, marking the roll, lining up, asking to go to the bathroom, group work, show and share, transitions

  • Engagement in development and educational learning - will experience a range of activities with shapes, colours, numbers, movements, words, and songs, and practice fine motor skills and pencil grips. Children will engage with developmental movement patterns to support cognitive function, regulation, spatial perception, and visual perception skills required to support handwriting. 

  • Fine and gross motor tasks – assessment of pencil grasp and fine motor skills, handwriting and drawing activities, scissor skills.

  • Individual learning and whole class activities

  • Emotional regulation - Children will be supported to regulate their bodies and emotions in an appropriate way and practice strategies for managing themselves in various circumstances. Children will learn to identify emotions and empathy in responses to various social settings through stories with characters and experiential group activities.  Self-regulation gives your child the ability to sit and listen in the classroom. … become more independent – because self-regulation gives your child the ability to make appropriate decisions about behaviour and learn how to behave in new situations with less guidance from you.

  • Initiating social skills – E.g. asking a peer to play, asking peer to be partner, asking to share equipment, turn taking tasks, negotiation, learning about similarities and differences, working in a team setting

  • Increasing Problem solving abilities – asking for help, speaking up if we need support, managing conflict and dealing with challenges and building resilience

  • Developing a sense of self and identity - activities in identifying who they are through verbal and visual expressions, expressing favourite colour, favourite food, their family, pets, hobbies they enjoy, and how to communicate that. Children are given opportunities to self-reflect and understand their abilities through their achievements, celebrating successes and building confidence.


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